At Masons Solicitors in Toowoomba we offer legal advice and representation across all areas of law.

By placing trust in our firm to assist you with legal matters, you are able to draw strength from the training, experience, skill and wisdom of the Masons Solicitors team. Over time this will result in hope for the future.


Business & Commercial

We provide the necessary searches and enquiries for business and commercial contracts. There is consideration of other issues such as the best structures to use and referral for independent tax advice where required. Our capable team offers assistance with lenders’ documents and requirements. In all cases we aim to assist you in your business so the clearest outcome can be achieved.
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Our team will act for you prior to the contract and through to settlement (we also give advice on future compliance with stamp duty concessions or grants). We can offer you a complete service by giving advice on the contract before you sign liaising with your bank, witnessing loan documents and lodging your application for government grants (as we are an approved assessor).
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Deceased Estates
& Claims

All steps are managed in an efficient, friendly environment with a team who cares for you. We provide you with a process to work out tasks for all parties, to minimise cost and time. In our matters we do not contribute to any unnecessary delays and assets are distributed promptly and fairly. We use a team approach to ensure the best possible outcome, whilst working through legal issues with care and compassion.
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Retirement Residences

In your retirement years, you want simplicity and security. Our team are experienced in sifting through complex agreements and contracts.
We focus on what you need to enjoy life.
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Wills, Enduring Powers of Attorney & Estate Planning

We aim to ensure a co-operative effort to make sure your wishes are reflected in the documents you receive. We provide you with an easy questionnaire to help you to sort through the issues, to be filled out or taken away to consider. In a round table meeting, we work out the best solutions with you, with complete transparency every step of the way, so that you are able to make informed decisions. We prepare draft documents for approval by you with most documents signed at the first appointment.
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General Law

We are experienced in problem solving and look to either find the best legal solution to any situation in which you find yourself, or refer you to the most appropriate person to address your matters. We focus on what you need to keep living a happy and fulfilling life.
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“Kylie Turner and team, We just wanted to say a huge thanks for everything you did to help us buy our first home! Can’t thank you enough. We are so grateful for your hard work, professionalism and wisdom throughout what proved to be a difficult contract.”


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